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Some of the offers we show are time sensitive, so we cannot guarantee their availability. Make sure you check each offer is available before any purchase.

3rd September - Cars, Christmas and Contact!

We never seem to stop at Competition Towers, but we did take the opportunity to take a bit of break over summer, hence the lack of Competiton News, but we're back today!

The first bit of news - we're giving you the chance to win a car! You'll see in the main competition section we're offering you the chance to win a guaranteed £200 PLUS a 1 in 50 card pick for the winner - if they chose the right card, they'll win a car (it's a simple as that). So head over to the comp now and get entering, and remember to come every day to increase your chances.

Can we mention the C word yet? Countdown to Christmas, you will notice we have had an increase in prizes. Hopefully there will be something to suit everyone but please let us know if there is something you think we should add to the site and we will do our best. Also, our popular advent calendar will be back in a couple of months, so watch out for that.

Finally, contacting winners – we sometimes struggle to get hold off some winners so please add georgina@iwn.io to your contact list. If you have won a prize, you will receive an email from us after you’ve claimed so please keep an eye out for it and check your junk folder. We would hate for you to miss out on receiving your prize.

24th July 2018 - Winners

We hope you are all enjoying the glorious sunshine!

We often find that we are chasing responses from winners. Please note that after a winner has claimed their prize we will send an email. We do need winners to respond to these emails before prizes can be sent out - mainly because we don't hold address details on file and because sometimes we require additional information.

All emails are sent from georgina@iwn.io - it is possible that these emails may end up in your junk folder. If we can't get hold of you via this email, we will try again via other email addresses or try and seek you out on Facebook.

It would be a big help to us, if you are a lucky winner that you keep an eye out for this email and check your junk folder regularly. You can also try adding georgina@iwn.io to your email contact list to help prevent our emails disappearing.

We are currently chasing a few winners so please check your junk folder if you are a recent winner :-)

13th July 2018 - Daily Email Reminders

If you are new to our competiton site then hopefully you have signed up to receive our daily email which will act as a reminder for you to visit the site each day. By entering daily you are increasing your chances to win as every extra entry puts your name into the 'virtual pot' again and again. 

Our daily emails come from georgina@iwn.io - it might be that your email system is putting these into your junk folder or even blocking them completely. If you aren't receiving them then please check your junk folder to see if you can find previous emails. We then recommend adding georgina@iwn.io to your email contact list. If this still doesn't work, then please email us at that same email address.

If you haven't signed up for our daily email they let you know about new prizes, when winners are selected, Lucky 7 updates and any other website news that may be of interest to you. Most importantly they act as your daily reminder!

3rd July 2018 - New Log In Page and Signing Terms

We've made some back-end changes to the website to help the site run better and to meet all the requirements of GDPR now, and into the future. We have also launched a new log in page. As part of our site update, we’ve updated our Terms and Conditions, so you’ll need to re-accept these before you can enter again. You’ll also need to select your Google Analytics preferences on the ‘My Account’ page - this is a new requirement bought in by the new GDPR laws.

Google analytics is a tool that allows companies to monitor the performance of their website. It allows them to see how many people are visiting, where in the world they come from, how they got to the site (direct or via another website), what pages are popular and so forth. It does not know who 'you' are, and nor do we know when you are on our site. 

We can't force you to say yes to Google Analytics but please bear in mind that it is a very essential tool that we use daily and it would be very helpful if you did allow us to follow 'you' on our site - just remember we still won't know who 'you' is!

Step 1 - Select your Google Analytics choice
Step 2 - Scroll down to the Consent section - under Required where it says 'Creating an Account with us - T&C's' you need to click and tick the box so the tick goes green
Step 3 - Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click SAVE.


13th June 2018 - A Summer of Football Giveaways

This summer we’re set for a football bonanza, full of fun, FairPlay, fouls and free kicks. We are sure it will be the topic of conversation over many BBQ’s, coffee machine chats and get togethers down the pub!

To celebrate the spectacle of football fun this Summer, we are launching a Summer of Football Fun giveaway. Throughout the summer, we’ll be giving away hundreds in gift cards to co-incide with football events and big matches, starting with a £10 gift card every day of the group stages, running from the 14th to the 28th June.

We’ll then give away bigger and bigger prizes for the last 16, quarters, semis and the final on the 15th July - and if England make it there, we’ll double the prize on offer for the final to £200!

So let’s all get into the football spirit, cheer on our favourite team and enter to win throughout the Sumer of Football Fun!

26th May 2018 - Summer Baking & Cookies

We have a fantastic new prize for you on the site today, you could win a Wright's Baking Summer Bundle consisting of maderia cake mix, carrot cake mix, scone mix and a lovely embroidered apron. Wright's Baking Mixes are super easy to use, and create the most delicious cakes and scone. You can find lots of fantastic recipes on their website including one for making Pimms Cupcakes, perfect for enjoying whilst watching Wimbledon this Summer. Just don't forget to send some our way! 

If you haven't read our GDPR update page then please do take a look so you can understand some of the changes coming your way. You will notice a new cookie consent form on our site, where a white box will appear on your page asking for advertising cookie consent (we REALLY want you to say yes as the ads fund this site - if enough of you say no, we won't make enough money from the ads, won't be able to buy the prizes and the site may have to close)

You can go back into the settings at any time by clicking on the shield on the bottom right of the web page, but if you've already given consent by clicking on the green button you will need to click on the green button again to close the pop up. By clicking the cross, you will be saying no to personalised advertising.

This is 'work in progress', so bear with us over the next few days as design may change a little.

11th May 2018 - Any Gin lovers out there?

If, like many of us at Competition Towers, you don't mind thew odd glass of G&T then this new prize is perfect for you. We’re giving away 4 tickets to the Juniper Festival in Edinburgh at the beginning of June. Don't worry if you aren't the lucky winner as we have the chance for you to get 20% off ticket prices, so you can still attend the festival and save some pennies.

Here’s a little bit of blurb about the event.

"The Juniper Festival, the biggest celebration of all things gin, is returning for a fifth consecutive year to Scotland’s capital. Taking up residence at Edinburgh’s arty Summerhall on the 1, 2, 3 June, the ever-evolving summer drinks event promises to stir things up with the launch of its ‘Makers & Mixers’ edition. 

Shaking up tradition, this year’s festival will introduce the Distillers Room, bringing together over 20 top gin distillers from around the world into one room. Armed with a bottle of gin, each distiller will mingle with guests, hand pouring samples and offering an unmissable opportunity for gin enthusiasts to get to grips with their favourite brands and the people behind them.

And that’s not all. This year, the festival has pulled together Scotland’s finest creative mixologists with a dynamic variety of hand picked gin brands to collaborate and create the most distinctive and imaginative serves for guests to sample and enjoy - with full sized cocktails also available to buy.”

Sounds great right! Get entering now and enter every day to increase your chances of winning. Please note the Festival is in Edinburgh on 1st-3rd June. The winner will only have 2 days to claim their prize before another winner is chosen. 

For more information please visit The Juniper Festival website

28th April 2018 - Winners and Lucky 7's

Some of you may have already noticed but for those of you who haven't please note that the Winners List has now moved from the bottom of every page to the top right - located next to your My Account and Lucky 7 Account links. 

We apologise for not emailing out the reminder about the Lucky 7 clock resetting in a few days time, it's been a busy month and we forgot! If you are new to the site and to Lucky 7's then please note at the end of each month the clock resets so any stars not converted will be lost. We often get emails from users about their Lucky 7 stars so we thought it might be best to remind everyone of the following:

- To earn a star you need to enter at least 7 competitions in one day
- You can only gain a maximum of 1 star per day
- When you collect your 7th star, the stars will automatically convert into an entry and your counter will revert to 0
- You can see how many stars and entries you have by clicking on the Lucky 7 link next to My Account and the Winners List
- The Lucky 7 clock resets at the end of each month, any stars not converted will disappear

There are still users who don't appear to get our emails - please can we remind everyone to add georgina@iwn.io to your email contact list to ensure our emails don't follow into your junk folder or get marked as spam. 

21st April 2018 - National Tea Day

Yes, today is National Tea Day and there is nothing the British people love more than relaxing with a cup of tea! Did you know that the average Brit drinks 876 cups of tea every single year - that's enough tea to fill two bath tubs! According to our research (quick look on Google) tea was first introduced to Brits almost 400 years ago and was described as a 'chinese drink'. What we do know for sure is that a cup of tea has become native to the British culture, and today you can find a variety of blends - which means there is something for everyone. 

Did you know, that:

-  Tea is most popular in Turkey
-  Cold tea is said to be good for taking the sting out of sunburn
-  The best way to discover office gossip is during tea breaks with your colleagues
-  Green tea is said to have the best health benefits
-  The UK imports and consumes 140,000 tonnes of tea every year
-  The average tea drinker consumes three cups per day

For all our tea loving fans, we have launched a fantastic new prize today from Giftonomy. We are giving one lucky person the chance to win a Personalised Tea Box filled with delicious Pukka tea bags (of your choice). You can find this prize in the Food & Drink section so don't forget to enter. The lucky winner will be able to choose from the following teas as well as personalising the box lid;

Detox - Peppermint & Licorice, Detox, Three Mint

Christmas - Wild Apple and Cinnamon, Three Licorice, Vanilla Chai

Traditional - Elegant English Breakfast, Gorgeous Earl Grey, After Dinner

Sleep Well - Night Time, Relax, Three Chamomile

Get Well - Detox, Lemon & Ginger & Manuka Honey, Relax

We are also giving you a chance to save 20% off with Giftonomy, so you can purchase some lovely products from their range of gifts. 

To visit the Giftonomy website please click here

15th April 2018 - Gold Star Changes and Foodies Festival!

We have changed the way we giveaway Gold Stars. From today, each month we will randomly select users to receive 7 Gold Star (1 entry into the Lucky 7 Prize Draw). To be eligible you will need to be a regular visitor to the website and already be collecting stars and entries. We will let you know in our daily email when the Gold Stars are given out. Don't forget to add georgina@iwn.io to your email contact list to ensure you don't miss our daily emails. 

We have had added lots of new prizes to the site in the last week including the chance to win a family pass to attend a Foodies Festival of your choice. Foodies Festival is the UK's biggest celebration of food and drink, you choose to attend in Brighton, London, Ediburgh, Tatton Park, Oxford or Bristol. 

Watch Michelin Star chefs, MasterChef winners, Celebrity and top local chefs cooking live in the Chefs Theatre, taste delicious dishes from pop up restaurants and Street Food. Enjoy champagne, wine and beer masterclasses and see Bake Off winners in the new Cake & Desserts Theatre.

Each three-day event will celebrate live music into the night on the newly launched stage with performances from much-loved headliner Toploader, power pop rock group Dodgy and hugely admired band The Hoosiers. Supported by Musicians Against Homelessness, raising money for Crisis.

Take part in the brand new Foodies Workshop and enjoy learning new skills from top local experts and demonstrators in The Chefs Theatre, The Cake & Bake Theatre, The Drinks Theatre and The Kids Cookery Theatre. Join in the festival fun and take on our Chilli Eating challenge!

And if you are not lucky enough to win, don't worry we are giving you the chance to get 30% off tickets so you can still go and enjoy this fantastic day out at a discounted price. Don't forget to enter DAILY to increase your chance to win and look out for more ticket giveaways coming soon.

3rd April 2018 - Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!!

Anyone else eaten their way through all the Easter eggs just to get them out of the way! We hope you all had a lovely Easter break and for those still off work, we are keeping our fingers crossed that the sun will appear soon.

WINNERS - we have a few outstanding prizes to be delivered but unfortunately some users don't appear to be receiving our emails requesting their address information. Just a reminder that we don't store your address details on our site. After you have claimed your prize in the My Account section, we will send you an email from georgina@iwn.io to obtain your address details. Please add this email address to your email contact list to ensure you don't miss them. If you have recently won a prize but haven't sent us your address yet, please check your junk folder as you may find a few emails from us trying to reach you.

We have lots of new prizes coming this week including a Family Ticket to Diggerland, a Google Mini Home, Flowerpail Bouquet from Flowercard and a New Dad Survival Kit from Men's Society - a perfect Father's Day gift for any new dads this Spring. On 7th April it is National PillowFight Day and to celebrate this, Lovebomb Cushions are giving away a Pillowfight Warriors Viking Bundle worth £48 plus you have the chance to get a 20% off code in case you aren't the lucky winner but would love to get a set for your kids to help battle out those frustrations!

22nd March 2018 - sorry it's been a while!

Firstly, apologies for not writing much lately but we have busy working on new prizes, fixing our email glitch and getting ready for our next Lucky 7 prize draw.

So, what’s new? Well, we've gone live with a great new prize - a £200 Amazon gift card PLUS the chance to win £5k in a 1/25 card pick. The lucky winner is guaranteed to get the £200 gift card, and will then take part in the card pick, chose 1 card out of 25 - if they pick the winning card, they win the £5k. A great opportunity, so get entering now!

We've also gone live with a really fun prize - a flamingo light - (who doesn't love flamingo lights) and coming this week we'll have a blender for your kitchen, a great looking dog bed and we will introduce you to some new snacks from Seed and Bean.

Our new Lucky 7 prize will be coming in April so don’t forget any stars not converted into an entry by the end of the month will be lost.

Hopefully, everyone who wants to be receiving our daily emails is now getting them but if you have subscribed (check your My Account) and you still aren’t receiving them then firstly please check your junk folder as they may be stuck in there - they come from the email address georgina@iwn.io - so worth adding that to your email contact list as well. If you have done both of these steps and still aren’t receiving them then please email georgina@iwn.io and we will assist you.

The iWon Team

5th March 2018 - stay warm with celebrity onesies

We hope you all survived the fun that was the Beast from the East. If you're anything like us, it made you want to wrap up warm and snuggle up on the sofa. Today, we launch a new prize from Onepiece, offering one lucky person the chance to win a luxury pair of Onepiece onesies worth £200! These onesies have been seen on the world’s biggest celebs including Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid, so if you want to be able to wrap up warm AND be down with the celebs, check out our new comp over on the Fashion & Beauty section.

We've also updated our Offers, Cashback and More! section today with some great clothing offers from Zavvi and £0 activation deals from NOW TV broadband, so go check them out.

And finally, at the bottom of the page you'll find our new Reviews section - it's tough running your own business sometimes and we're only a small team (who seem to work 24/7), so when we get positive feedback it makes us all smile (even Bella the wonder dog). We felt it would be nice to share all the lovely comments with you, and thank you all for coming reguarly - we just wish every one of you could win!

26th February 2018 - cakes, cakes and more cakes!

Have you seen our latest prize from Bakedin? You can win an Easter bundle worth £30, filled with tasty chocolate treats. This fantastic prize includes their popular Double Chocolate Brownie Mix, a Chocolate Brownie Mug Mix, a Chocolate Brownie Mug Gift Set and 5 x Chocolate Brownie Single Pots - keep it all for yourself or share it this Easter with your friends and family.

Bakedin began life in 2013. Two friends who both loved to cook and had the idea of a time saving baking kit that still gave the full baking from scratch experience but with a little less hassle – and so the Bakedin baking kit was born. Bakedin sell a range of baking kits including Brownies, Cinnamon Buns and Layered Cakes. Designed to be easy to bake, each kit comes all the dry ingredients required plus a step by step guide so yes, even if you novice bakers can create something delicious.

Bakedin are also giving you the chance to save 60% off their Bakedin Baking Club. You can choose from a one off box, a 3 month or a 6 month subscription. Each month they’ll send you a unique baking kit with a recipe by Michel Roux. Their kits contain all the dry ingredients, an easy to follow recipe card and some handy extras like the baking paper. All their flour is local to them in Hampshire and they only use top notch Belgian chocolate. Some of their past boxes have included Blueberry Muffins, Chocolate Malt Cake, Cinnamon & Pecan Loaf and Chocolate & Caramel Eclairs. This is a fantastic offer, so definitely worth grabbing it whilst you can!

Click here to find out more about the Bakedin Baking Club

23rd February 2018 - get baking with Wright's Baking Mixes

Today we have launched a new prize to win a Wright’s Baking Bundle including 2 boxes of their delicious toffee cookie mix plus a Wright’s embroidered apron to help keep you clean whilst you bake.

Wright’s Toffee Cookie mix is a complete mix that includes toffee pieces.  Requiring only water and butter (or oil), this creates 8 deliciously chewy cookies with a crisp bite to them. Wright's Toffee Cookie mix is their first blend for cookies and joins their successful range of bread and cake mixes.

You can even add chocolate or dried fruit to add a twist to your cookies, we recommend trying these two great recipes:

Chocolate Dipped Toffee Cookies

Toffee & Cranberry Sour Cherry or White Chocolate Cookies

Here at Competition Towers, we highly recommend Wright’s Baking Mixes – they are so easy to bake and taste amazing, so even if you aren’t lucky enough to win this time it’s worth going down to your local supermarket and picking up one or two of their mixes to try - or check out their online shop.

19th February 2018 - a reminder about Lucky 7's and 'missing stars'

We sometimes get emails from users who think they might be missing stars, but we're pleased to report that there has NEVER been a case of stars actually going missing. The fear that some have gone missing almost always comes down to a missunderstanding about how Lucky 7's works, so we thought we'd post a small reminder.

Lucky 7s is a reward programme. It allows regular users to earn stars and collect entries into a Lucky 7 Prize Draw.

Stars are awarded automatically by our iWon system - all you have to do to earn a star is enter 7 comps in one day, but you can only earn 1 star per day - if you enter more than 7 competitions in one day, you will still only gain 1 star for that day.

Once you have gained 7 stars the iWon system automatically converts them into 1 entry for the Lucky 7 Prize Draw (which is currently a £300 television). At this point, your star count will revert back to zero, but your prize draw entries counter will show 1. You can then collect 7 more stars by entering 7 comps in 1 day, 7 times, and then the system wll automatically convert them again and your prize draw entry counter will now show 2, and so on.

You can click on the Lucky 7 tab next to My Account at the top right of the page to reach your Lucky 7 Account page and on this page you can see how many entries you have for the current prize draw and how many stars you have waiting to be converted.

If you have entered 7 competitions but your star counter hasn’t changed, you simply need to refresh your page, or log out and log back in again.

The Lucky 7 Prize Draw runs for three months, at the end of each month the star count resets, which means at the end of each month any unconverted stars will disappear (sorry!). We do this to maximise the chances of a regular user winning the prize draw rather than someone who came just 7 times in 3 months (and getting just 1 prize draw entry, which we think is fair and in line with what you would expect from a rewards programme.

Sometimes you might see a Golden Star in your account - if you do, this is because we've awarded you a star for free. We do this simply because it's fun to do and we like giving things away for free, and every Golden Star is a little help for you toward collecting another 7 stars and another prize draw entry.

As with everything on the site, we're open to suggestions of how we could improve the Lucky 7s expereince, so please feel free to email georgina@iwn.io with your ideas.

The iWon Team

16th February 2018 - News prizes coming your way!

So giving away stuff is what we do and we're always really opleased to get lots of positive feedback from you all on email and facebook - it puts a smile on our faces at lets us know we're doing ok.  Over the next couple of weeks, we have loads of new prizes going live and below is a quick selection of some of those you'll see.  If you have any suggestions for the kind of things you want to see given away on the site, email us at georgina@iwn.io and we'll try and include them in the future.

Gift cards – coming up soon we have gift cards from Tesco, Ernest Jones and Starbucks - you've all told us you love gift crads as prizes, so we'll keep working on getting more into the site over the coming weeks.

Home items - Nespresso Coffee - One lucky winner will get their hands on this fantastic Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machine, the perfect gadget for your kitchen. With a tiny footprint, compact, lightweight and equipped with an ergonomic handle, the Nespresso Inissia is a smart little coffee machine to make your life easier. There’s virtually no waiting for the machine to warm up before you make your coffee selection. In just one touch and 25 seconds, the water reaches the ideal temperature to make up to 9 coffees without having to refill the 0.7 L tank. You can adjust the cup size with two programmable espresso and lungo buttons

Home items - Vorfreude Floor Mop with Integrated Spray and Lifetime Guarantee - One lucky person will win this fantastic floor mop which will save time when cleaning your floors. The Vorfreude® Microfibre Spray Mop cold steam cleans your floors quickly, easily, and safely. Suitable for hardwood, tile, laminate, ceramic, vinyl, or concrete floors. The mop can be used as a dry duster with the swivelling head. The simple ergonomic trigger is easier than a wet mop. This 100% reusable cleaning system does not require; batteries, disposable pads, or cleaning liquids. The microfiber pad has millions of microscopic fibres that grab dirt, dust, hair, and moisture and reach deep into cracks to pick up more grime than flat disposables. 

We hope you like the new prizes!

7th February 2018 - Natural, beautiful hair for all!

This month we launched a new prize to win a bundle of haircare products from Noughty Haircare. Noughty is a British brand, which is all about natural ingredients so you won’t find any nasties like silicone, sulphates or parabens in their products and yes, you can still have beautiful, healthy hair!

97% of their ingredients are natural and the other 3% is made up of the preservative system which stops their products from going off after being opened, emulsifying agents which are necessary to stop their ingredients from separating and some lovely fragrances to make your hair smell delicious. Noughty do not test their products on animals and all their products are vegan friendly.

They have a wide range of products to suit all types of hair, so whether you have frizzy locks, curly hair or a sensitive scalp they have the right solution for you. We are giving one lucky winner the chance to win their hero 'To The Rescue' range. Like a knight in shining armour, Noughty’s To The Rescue shampoo, conditioner and treatment range comes charging to the rescue of dry and frizzy hair to help transform it into the perfect fairy-tale ending.

Bundle includes: To The Rescue Moisture Boost Shampoo, To The Rescue Moisture Boost Conditioner, To The Rescue Intensive Care Leave- in Conditioner, To The Rescue Anti- Frizz Serum and To The Rescue Intense Moisture Treatment

We are giving you the chance to get a 25% off code from Noughty – just tick the consent box when entering our prize draw and you will be sent the code after the competition has ended.

In the meantime if you wish to find out more about Noughty Products you can visit their website


1st February 2018 - Let's talk about emails

It seems some people are not receiving our Daily Competition News email - this email is sent out once a day, normally announcing a winner but we also send emails about our 24 hour prize draws and Lucky 7 news. If you have signed up to receiving these emails but aren't seeing them, it may be that your email provider is blocking them or they are falling into your junk folder. We recommend adding georgina@iwn.io to your email contact list. This must be done within your email account (adding it to your phone contact list will not help). If after doing this, you don't receive the next daily email from us then please let us know.

In other news, four new prizes launched today. A fantastic Limit Men's alarm chronograph watch worth £30, this styish watch boasts many features including; stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm, dual time display and a backlight, it is even 100 metres water resistant. We also have a Peppa Pig Shaped Floor puzzle from Ravensburger and a brand new Mermaid Charm Shell from Interplay UK which is part of their popular Mermaid Lagoon series. Plus Party Delights are giving you the chance to win a World Book Day costume for your child, you can choose whichever design you like up to the value of £35. Just in case you weren't sure, World Book Day falls on 1st March this year, so if your child loves getting dressed up for this special day then winning this prize will definitely help save you some pennies! All of these prizes are listed on page 1 today so you can easily find them.

31st January 2018 - Lucky 7 resets tomorrow!

Just a reminder to you all that the Lucky 7 clock resets tomorrow - this means any stars that haven't been converted into an entry will disappear. Don't worry though, you can start collecting again in February and if you visit the site every day and enter at least 7 competitions you can earn up to 4 entries into the Lucky 7 prize draw for the Hitachi TV. 

We have lots of new prizes coming your way including; a Family ticket to Alton Towers, a Nespresso Coffee Machine and some male grooming products. Plus don't forget on Wednesdays we have our 24 hour prize draws - let us know what e-gift cards you would like to win. We love hearing from our users and finding out what you might like to win!

27th January 2018 - Some great gift ideas for (the soon to be here) Mother's Day

Mother's Day will be here before you know it (11th March) and we have some awesome prizes running currently that could make great presents. A number of these prizes also have discount offers with them, in case you don't win but still fancy the gift for your mum! When you enter to win, tick the box at the bottom of the comp to give us consent to pass your email to the company supplying the prize and they'll send you a discount code in return once the prize draw has ended. Here's a list of prizes with discount codes:

  • Lily Rose Iconic Bumblee Necklace worth £65 - get 20% off their jewellery - Lily Rose London combines vintage inspirations and catwalk trends to create a range of stylish and covetable accessories including jewellery and watches.
  • Grown Up Chocolate Company - Make Your Own Mother’s Day Bars - 10% off - you can personalise the chocolate and the wrapper.
  • Boozi Body Care - Mini Bar Set - 15% off 
  • If cooking is more her thing, then the Mesto Mortar & Pestle could be just the right gift  - 50% off discount

We've also got some more great prizes that might be perfect for your mum (but no discount codes on these ones, sorry), so don't forget to enter, and if all goes to plan (and the winner claims quickly), we'll get them to you for Mother's Day.

  • £20 H Samuel’s Gift Card - treat your mum to something lovely
  • Set of 3 Yankee Candles - Lavender, Garden Sweet Pea & Delicious Guava fragrances
  • Soap & Glory Spa Set, it will be hard to give this one away but your mum deserves it - filled with lots of pampering delights this will definitely put a smile on her face
  • The Lechuza Plant Pot is the perfect gift for any mum, this amazing pot has a self-watering function so even if she isn’t green fingered the plant will be well-looked after.

18th January 2018 - Create memories with your famiy with these new prizes

Finding ways to keep the kids or grandchildren amused without breaking the bank is an ongoing challenge. It’s hard to believe that in less than four weeks the schools break up again for February half term - it feels like they’ve only just gone back to school after the Christmas break!

Here at Competition Towers, we’re always working hard to bring you prizes that will help save some pennies and give you and your family a great day out. This week we have launched two new prizes in our ‘Family’ section that will give the lucky winner and their family a fun day with their family during the upcoming school holidays.

Drusillas Park 
Enter to win a family ticket in time for February half term. If you haven’t yet visited Drusillas Park then add it to your list of things to do with the kids. With so many exciting animals and attractions you will have a wild time exploring this award-winning zoo in East Sussex. Discover their brand new Close Encounter experiences for 2018! Come face to face with some of the zoo’s most popular residents, from sloths to anteaters, camels and red pandas. 

There is so much to see and do you won’t be disappointed. During half term you can see the debut appearance of PAW Patrol’s Skye and Rubble on 14th Feb and say hi to Hello Kitty on the 15th Feb.

Located just off the A27 in Alfriston, East Sussex, Drusillas Park is open daily (with the exception of 24, 25 and 26 December).

For further details, please telephone (01323) 874100 or visit the website at www.drusillas.co.uk

Enter to win a family ticket to visit the popular Diggerland, with four locations to choose from in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire. Diggerland prides itself on having something fun for all ages – and with 20 different rides and drives at each park with over 100 machines; there really is something for everyone! 

Experience the thrills of spinning around fast in a Giant Digger bucket on the Spindizzy ride, operating a Giant JCB 806 Digger, racing around in a Go-Kart, getting lifted 50ft in the air by the Skyshuttle, whirling around on the Dig-a-round carousel and so much more! Also let the kids drive a REAL car!

To find out more about Diggerland visit their website

Is there somewhere you would like to take the kids or the grandchildren? Feel free to drop us an email and let us know your prize suggestions for things to do with kids at georgina@iwn.io

14th January 2018 - Improve your digestive health with Simplee Aloe

Have you entered our latest prize to win a fantastic bundle of Simplee Aloe drinks and supplements to help aid your stomach’s digestion? It can be found in our Food & Drink competition section. This amazing prize is worth £138 and one lucky winner will receive a case of each flavour of the Simplee Aloe health supplement (original and cranberry) and a case of each of their aloe vera waters (with aloe pulp and without aloe pulp).

Simplee Aloe was born after two friends, Alex and Ray discovered the goodness of aloe on a trip to Asia. Back in the UK, wanting to continue with their new love addiction to aloe, all they discovered were super sugary and processed juices with very little aloe inside… And so Simplee Aloe was born! Known to the Egyptians as the ‘plant of immortality’, Aloe Vera is the original superfood which has been used for over 5,000 years for its powerful healing properties, even by Cleopatra herself! Below are just some of the amazing benefits of Aloe:

Digestion Support - For those who are looking for good digestive health, aloe vera is a natural prebiotic and therefore helps to establish the natural bacterial flora in the digestive system. Not only that, but aloe vera's soothing gelatinous properties help food move through the intestinal tract with ease, absorbing toxins along the way to aid the detoxification process. Aloe vera’s naturally occurring anti-inflammatory enzymes help those with gut issues such as IBS. 

Immunity - The polysaccharides within aloe vera stimulate white blood cells to help strengthen the body’s immune system and support in fighting against viruses, thus making aloe vera a restorative essential and a boosting tonic for those under the weather.

Clear, Glowing Skin - It doesn’t stop there! Aloe Vera’s antibacterial properties combined with its anti-inflammatory factors can prevent and reduce skin inflammation. When consumed, they provide the skin with a natural source of moisture that can contribute to a glowing complexion and the high levels of antioxidants can help combat free-radicals that are known to contribute to the ageing process.

Now you've heard all the benefits of Aloe Vera, why not try it yourself? We have an exclusive offer to save 35% at the Simplee Aloe shop just give us consent on the competition page and you will receive your discount code after this prize draw has ended. 

For more information please visit their website 

9th January 2018 - TopCashback New Member Deals

Cashback sites are a great way to cut the cost, and at this time of the year saving money and getting some greast deals is probably on everyone's mind. Here are Competition Towers, as well as working on some amazing new prizes for you to win free on our sites, we've also been scouring the web, looking for some great deals to share with you all (and sign up to ourselves) and we've found a few from TopCashback that we thought might be of interest.

These deals are all live until the end of January and are a mix of cashback and free 1 month subscriptions. Check them out on the links below and grab your self a fabulous January offer.

Keep checking back on our Competition News section as we'll keep searching for great offers, deals and competitions fun to share with you.

8th January 2018 - More Fantastic Holiday Deals and Healthy Eating for your Pets

Continuing the holiday theme ('cause we can't get the thought 2 weeks away from Competiton Towers, lying on a sun kissed beach, drinking margaritas - we're not obsessed, just focused..!), we've come across some more great holiday deals, this time from icelolly.com, that we thought we'd share - they're only live till the 11th Jan, so check them out and get booking now to avoid missing out!

After the melee of Christmas and New Year, we all start to focus on eating healthier and getting fitter, but what about our pets? Bella the Wonder Dog and Rocky the Competition Cat are always asking us to find them food that's of a higher quality and healthier for them (honestly, they do!) so we've found a great brand called Pooch & Mutt who want to lead a pet food revolution - here, in their own words, is what they're doing:

"The majority of pet food sold in the UK is made by the same confectionery companies that are behind the obesity epidemics in our children.

We don't think this is right. We don't think this offers customers the choice and quality that they deserve.

We think that there should be more honesty in pet food, both about the ingredients that go in to the foods and about who is behind the foods. We want customers to know what they are buying and who they are buying from."

So visit them now and check out their offers - Pooch and Mutt 

6th January 2018 - Superlucky.me, Great Broadband Deals and Holiday Searches

Have your January blues kicked in yet? We never really get them at Competition Towers as we're always so happy to be giving all you lovely people the chance to win with our free online competitions, but now we've found another way to help everyone beat the blues and become lucky winners in 2018 - get yourself over to superlucky.me, a brilliant competitions blog written by Di Coke, which has some great tips, signposts and links to help you become a winning comper in 2018.

BT are currently offering some Infinity Deals, exclusively available online till the 11th Jan, and when you sign up, you also get a reward card!

And I know we're all starting to think about those summer holidays, so why not give this holiday search tool from TravelSupermaket a try?

And if you do book a holiday, don't forget that travel insurance!

2nd January 2018 - Holidays Discounts, Win a Car and New Year Winning Wishes

Happy New Year to all our comping friends - is this the year you'll get that big win? Let's hope so! We'll certainly be playing our part by running as many competitions as we can in 2018, adding more great sections to our competition site and launching new games with more chances to win. Good luck to all of you for your winning in 2018.

We also plan to bring you lots more offers in 2018, letting you know of deals and special offers we find in market that we think might be of interest. And to kick this off, how about a January Sale on holidays... We all dream at this time of the year of relaxing on a sun kissed beach without any cares in the world, so why not check out the deals on TravelSupermarket and see what's available in their January sale.  **UPDATE - It seems as though the link the January Sale isn't working at the moment - we're checking this out and hope to have it fixed shortly**

And we know we've mentioned this beforw, but who doesn't want to win a dream car and start the year off in amazing style.  Check out BOTB and signup now and enjoy your first go free

28th December 2017 - Win a Hitachi 43" 4k Ultra HD TV


Here at Competition Towers, we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to 2018! To kick off the great start to the new year, we can reveal our next Lucky 7 Prize is going to be a Hitachi 43" 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV worth over £300, and you can start collecting free entries for this prize draw competition from 1st January.

You can only gain entries for this prize by collecting stars, with 7 stars = 1 entry.  You can collect 1 star per day by entering at least 7 competitions.

Remember, stars reset each month. This competition ends 31st March 2018.

We also give away golden stars each month - make sure you check our emails to find out when they've been randomly given away (you can change your settings in My Account if you don't currently recieve them).

And talking about starting the new year in a great new way, how about a chance to win your dream car? BOTB (yes, those people you normally see at airports) now offer online competitions to win amazing cars - head over there now and check them out 'cause wouldn't a Ferrari or Aston look great parked on your driveway in 2018!

Finally, everyone loves a trip to the theatre, so why not check out great deals and discounts from Theatre Tickets Direct below and give yourself something awesome to look forward to next year.

Theatre Tickets Direct - Official Half Price and Discount Theatre Tickets for London Musicals and Plays plus exclusive show and meal packages. Theatre Tickets Direct is renowned as one of the fasting growing theatre ticketing agency its satisfied customers all around the world. We have access to an impressive range of musicals, plays and meal packages. We understand that some clients require guaranteed tickets for shows throughout the year. Special Offers on theatre tickets are constantly on offer and this makes Theatre Tickets Direct the only place to buy your London Theatre Tickets.

Here's to loads more giveaway chances in 2018!

18th December 2017 - 62 UK Competition Winners Last Month

We're always trying to keep things fresh, with new prizes and new sections. This month, we've brought you our Advent and Christmas sections and have put live 51 new, and totally free prizes this month and chosen 62 winners!

We've just launched another new section so you can now find a category for Gift Cards. Everyone loves winning gift card and e-gift cards, so we thought it was time to dedicate a section on the site just for these and hopefully you will be one of the lucky people to win!

To kick the section off, we have added two new prizes today - one to win a gift card for Fat Face and one for a £10 gift card for The Restaurant Group. Look out for more gift cards going live over the next few days. 

Remember, as with all our prize draws, the best way to increase your chance of winning is to enter daily - this means your name will enter in the 'pot' every time you enter, so the more times you come, the more chance you have.

All our prize draws are free to enter and drawn by a computer than randomises the selection. This means you can win more than once, and yes, this has happened, so even if you've won, keep coming back to try again! 

13th December 2017 - Win a £100 Argos Voucher with Lucky 7's

We only have few weeks left until our first Lucky 7 Prize Draw ends and one lucky person will win a £100 Argos gift card. We will then select a new prize and the next Lucky 7 Prize draw will run from January until the end of March 2018

So, how does it work?

Lucky 7's was designed to reward users who regularly come to the site. If you weren't aware of this, then here's how it works:

Every day that you visit the site and enter at least 7 competitions you will earn 1 Lucky Star 

You will then collect stars until you have 7 at which point they will disappear and convert into 1 Entry into the Lucky 7 Prize Draw. Don't worry you can see how many entries you have in your Lucky 7's Account Page (see link on the website, located at the top right above the navigation bar)

Each month the Lucky 7 clock resets so any stars that haven't been converted into entries will be lost. We will send a reminder about this on email (you will need to have said Yes, to receive these - and you can change this in your My Account)

Every now and then we randomly give out free Golden Stars - these can help you on your way to reaching 7 stars.

We will be announcing our next Lucky 7 Prize Draw before the end of the month.

6th December 2017 - New Prize Alert, Win a Ninja® BL642

To help relieve the stress during this busy Advent period we thought you might like to see this article we discovered today, a collection of the most unusual competition prizes including a Python, a Human Skull and are favourite a goat farm in Alabama!

As you will discover none of our prizes are quite so strange! This week has seen some great additions to the site including the chance to win a Spa Day for Two at a location of your choice, a Ninja® BL642 Blender worth £139 and a selection of watches from the beautiful new Limit collection Secret Garden launching into the shops this December.

30th November 2017 - A Guide to Advent Competitions

Can you believe it is December tomorrow? How crazy is that, it has come round so fast! So, tomorrow is the big day for all the Advent competitions to go live – and it's likely going to be bigger and better than last year, with so many more companies taking part. 

Here are some helpful comping tips for dealing with Advent competitons that we hope you'll find useful 

1. Only enter for prizes that you really want to win, you could get swayed into entering everything but believe us, this will help keep you sane!

2. Make sure you have cleared out your email account so that you can easily spot any winning emails that come through – also keep an eye on that junk folder as people miss out on prizes that sometimes go in there 

3. Think about warning your non-comping friends that your social media pages may get clogged up with competitions – you want to be winning stuff, not losing friends 

4. Bookmark websites – create a new folder, and then put every site in here so Day 2, 3 and so on will be so much quicker

5. Sites like ThePrizeFinder, Loquax and CompetitionDatabase will have lists so use them to help you find prizes but also to track which ones you’ve entered

6. Be happy, this is meant to be a fun time of year, don’t worry if you miss an advent there will be plenty to keep you busy but you don’t have to do them all

7. Remember, whilst everyone is busy focusing on advents – normal competitions will be running – so if everyone else is doing advents perhaps make it your mission to mix it up

8. Be careful for scams and fake companies - use your instincts if something looks to good to be true - then it most likely is. Check the official company website or social pages to check the prize is from them. If a company has only got a few followers, check their profile page and make a judgement call - don't just follow everyone else - be protective of your data and if it's asking too many questions check and see if it's a legit business

Our own Countdown to Christmas Advent will be starting tomorrow – if you have given consent to receiving our emails you will receive an Advent email every day. We have some great prizes – each one will only be open for 24 hours and you will only have 7 days to claim your prize in My Account so don’t forget to check and see if you have been lucky!

Good luck and enjoy the countdown to Christmas

27th November 2017 - Win a Car Competition

Hopefully you all enjoyed Black Friday and are currently doing your best robot impressions on Cyber Monday. The Black Friday weekend can be an expensive time, and being so close to Christmas, makes it all the more costly. That's why, during December, we'll be giving away more prizes than ever, doing our bit to help you all have the most festive period ever. We'll be giving away 24 prizes in 24 days through our Countdown to Christmas Advent every day from 1st December until Christmas Eve and we'll be packing the rest of the site with as many prizes as we can.

In order to maximise your chances of winning, we'd suggest coming as often as you can (you can enter every come once a day) - the more entries you have, the greater your chance of winning! 

We'll also do our bext to bring you as many offers as we can in the run up to Christmas to help you get those stocking fillers and presents from the tree for the best price you can, starting with 50% of GAP today only, using the code CYBERGAP

Also, ever tried one of those win a car competitons? We always thought "nah, I'll never win", but there have been over 380 winners and £22m of cars given away since they started, so maybe we'll give it a go ourselves!  If you fancy it, you can find out more here and get an introductory offer if you're a new user!

Finally today, if you're planning on entertaining this Christmas, Waitrose are offering free delivery or click and collect in store on all online Christmas and party food orders

23rd November 2017 - ** Black Friday Black Friday Black Friday **

Black Friday is upon us. Deals, deals, deals everywhere. The offers are often time sensitive, so below are a few that we've found, but get in quick before they run out!

22nd November 2017 - Countdown to Christmas

Ho Ho Ho… yes, it won’t be long until Father Christmas is on his way to us. To help get you in the festive spirit we will be running a Countdown to Christmas Advent every day from 1st December until Christmas Eve. With over £700 worth of prizes to giveaway you have to be in it to win it! From watches to vouchers to games, there is something for everyone, so don’t miss out.

Each prize will be live for 24 hours only and the winner will be randomly selected the next day so keep an eye on your ‘My Account’ page to see if you have a ‘Winner’ message appear.

19th November 2017 - Great Free Voucher Codes

As well as bringing you great prizes to win, we also have secured discount codes to offer our lucky members, so if you don't win, you still have the chance to buy the gift at a reduced price. Here is a list of all the current active discount codes available in case you wanted to do a little bit of Christmas shopping!

18th November 2017 - £100 Gift Card Giveaways